Why OpenLoop?

Enjoy a seamless
re-fueling experience

The OpenLoop ecosystem allows customers to charge anywhere with any charger on the platform across various refuelling microsites, to deliver a seamless, end-to-end, connected “refuelling” experience.
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Openloop Seamless Refueling Ecosystem Diagram
Openloop Refueling Experience Diagram Mobile

Charging Solutions

Find the right charging solution for your needs

Commerical Man Charging Ev Vehicle

Charging at Work

Make it easy for your employees with easy-to-use smart charging solutions. With data insights, pre-set tariffs, control features and support services, charging at work is efficient and seamless.
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Residential Lady Charging Ev Home

Charging at Home

Seamless charging continues at home. Our home charging solution includes the installation and operation of a smart charge point integrated with your overall charging ecosystem. For businesses, we offer automated billing and reconciliation service to manage employee charging at home.
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Public Lady Chargin Ev At Shopping Center

Charging on the go

EV Charge Point Owners can offer their EV charger for general public use through the OpenLoop platform and app, enabling a virtual NZ network of EV chargers with automated billing and reconciliation service. It’s a hassle-free, set and forget service!
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Transport Sector Charging Auckland Transport Go Bus

Charging Heavy Electric Vehicles

The transport sector in New Zealand plays a key role in decarbonisation as we work towards our 2050 climate change goals. As the sector looks to ramp up their electric bus transformation programmes, OpenLoop has partnered with both AT Local in Auckland and Go Bus in Christchurch.
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The only ecosystem for your charging needs

OpenLoop provides a customisable and integrated charging solutions for charging at work, at home and in-between. From design, installation, software, billing systems, monitoring and support, we are the one-stop shop solution for all your charging needs.

Mobile App

The OpenLoop app is a one stop shop for user management, connecting your EV charging experiences across home, workplace and public locations. Use the app to search chargers near you, remotely start/end sessions, pay for charging, check charging history and to download receipts if needed. RFID tags are also available for convenient management and remote starting/stopping sessions.
Easily top up your OpenLoop account
Find EV Chargers around you. Check availability and prices
Select the preferred charging plug and activate the EV Charger
Track your charging session with real-time monitoring and notifications
Get a simple transaction summary at the end of your charging session
Keep a record of all your charging history across various EV Chargers


Knowledge Hub

Mobile App Background

OpenLoop announced as finalist at National Energy Awards

We have been announced as a finalist in the national energy awards for our open electric vehicle charging platform that provides creative and innovative EV charging offerings to Kiwis and enables greater competition in the EV charging market.
Openloop Vehicle Connected To Charging Plug

Government co-funding cutting edge EV technology initiatives

Counties Power has secured co-funding for two new initiatives from EECA to deliver the Government’s Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund, which aims to accelerate the uptake of electric and other low emission vehicles (EVs) in New Zealand.
Lanscape In Side Mirror Ev Vehicle

Counties Power and Relectrify deploy network-scale second-life EV battery system in NZ

Electricity distributor Counties Power and Australian battery technology company Relectrify have joined forces to deploy New Zealand’s largest battery system repurposing electric vehicle (EV) batteries to-date.


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